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Office of Student Conduct

Topic of the Month

Our Codes

1. Code of Academic Integrity: Make sure you know how it applies to you and all of your school work. Use this tutorial to help!

2. Sexual Misconduct Policy: Review the policy here so that you are informed of how the policy applies to students!

3. Responsible Action Policy: Never fear to take responsible action when a fellow Terp is in need. 

4. Off Campus Jurisdiction: The Code of Student Conduct has expanded jurisdiction and it applies to all students both on- and OFF-CAMPUS

5. Living on Campus? The residence hall rules and polcies are important to know and understand. 



Upcoming Events

Come see USJ at Maryland Day!

Maryland Day is a university-wide event on April 25th, 2015 from 10:00am-4:00pm that gives students a chance to show family and friends why they are proud to be members of our community. It offers plenty of opportunities to learn about our outstanding academics, meet deans and admissions officials, and see all that Maryland has to offer.

The University Student Judiciary will have a table with information related to academics and student conduct and some giveaways so stop by and see us!

For more information please visit:
the official Maryland Day website

Faces of Integrity

Catherine Thompson and
M'Shae Alderman



The 2014 winners of the Rajpat Award and the Pavela Prize  exemplify the best of USJ and Integrity, Character, and Ethics. Catherine chairs the USJ Executive Board, and M'Shae is the Graduate Coordinator for Education and Outreach. They were recognized at the USJ Awards Banquet. The Camille Rajpat award goes to the most outstanding member of the University Student Judiciary, while the Pavela Prize recognizes one's significant efforts to advance academic integrity in the campus community.