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USJ honors its own at the USJ Banquet

At the annual USJ Recognition Banquet on May 2, 2014 the University Student Judiciary, the Office of Student Conduct, and the Office of Rights and Responsibilities recognized the impressive efforts of its members.

Pavela and Rajpat Winners

Pavela and Rajpat Winners

M'Shae Alderman, right, earned the coveted Pavela  Prize whic recognizes the person from the campus community who works the hardest at promoting Academic Integrity  around campus.  M'Shae is a graduate student earning both a Masters of Public Policy degree and  Masters of Conservation Biology degree. She has advised both the Education Team and the Social Committee of USJ. She also served on many task forces, won successful grants to help develop programs for academic integrity, and was a major force in the implementation of the Academic Integrity tutorial. 

Catherine Thompson, left, won the Rajpat Award, given to the most oustanding member of the USJ this year. Catherine is a senior Government and Politics major and a Community Advocate for the USJ. She also has served as the chair of the renewed Executive Board, which has started new intiatives to make USJ more student-driven. 



ICE Award winner

ICE Award

For the second time, we awarded the Integrity, Character, and Ethics award to a student from the UMD community. This year, based on the nomination from Corin Gioia of the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, we recognized the recipient Cody Hoblemann for his efforts as a campus leader. Cody is Presidentt of the Interfratnerity Council, a brother of Phi Kappa Psi Fratnernity, and a member of the Hazing Task Force's Education and Outreach Committee. Well done Cody!

Distinguished Service and Outstanding Presiding Officers

The Distinguished Service to USJ Awards and Presiding Officer Awards are given to USJ members who have contributed greatly to the University Student Judiciary and to their respective branches and who have demonstrated strong commitment to upholding the standards of integrity, character, and ethics. Distinguished Service Award winners are below:

Appellate Board
Distinguished Service Award: Alex Bistany

Education Team
Distinguished Service Award: Alexandra Givan

Central Board
Outstanding Presiding Officer: Madeline Mietus, Distinguished Service Award, Elizabeth Oliver

Community Advocates
Distinguished Service Award: J.T. Stanley

Resident Board
Oustanding Presiding Officer: Tiffany Burba, Distinguished Service Award: Tony Belton

Student Honor Council 
Outstanding Presiding Officer: Alex Lichtenberg, Distinguished Service Award, Emily WIlliams

Rookie of the Year Award

For the first time this year we recognized our first-year USJ members with a Rookie of the Year Award for their participation with branches and committees. The recipients are listed below: 

 Taylor Calton (Resident Board), Brian Guerinot (Education Team and Community Advocate), Jonathin Kim (Education Team and Appellate Board), Dylan Gleadall (Central Board), Matthew Mai (Selection Committee and Community Advocate), Kristen Corrigan (Student Honor Council)

Senior Awards

Outstanding seniors were also recognized recently as great leaders at the University of Maryland. These stellar seniors were recognized as the top leaders of the campus and are in the Maryland Medallion Society. Tiffany Burba (Resident Board), Catherine Thompson (Community Advocate), Annie Collins (Student Honor Council), and Christopher Riley (Student Honor Council). Chris Riley went on to win the coveted Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship Award for oustanding academci achievement, leadership and involvement. If you'd like to see photos from this event, go here to The Stamp website!