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USJ Awards

The Office of Student Conduct has recognized many members of the University Community for their contributions to the campus. Most have been members of our University Student Judiciary. 

The Pavela Prize
The Pavela Prize recognizes a student who has made significant contributions to academic integrity and ethical development programming, including fostering discussion about and enhancement of University academic integrity or student conduct policies across campus. The Fun reflects the contributions, support, and encouragement of the family of Gary Pavela (former Director of Judicial Programs & Student Ethical Development), including Gary’s mother, Mae, and his wife, Margaret. The recipient of this award will receive a monetary gift and plaque.

Camille K. Rajpat Award
The Camille K. Rajpat award recognizes the outstanding member of the University Student Judiciary each year. This award was established in honor of Camille K. Rajpat, a Student Honor Council member and Presiding Officer, 1997-1998. Camille was elected to serve Honor Council Secretary for the 1998-1999 academic year when she passed away in October of 1998 due to complications from cancer treatment. She is celebrated by her friends for the dedication, fairness, and compassion her service brought. The recipient of this award will receive a monetary gift and plaque. 

Integrity Charachter and Ethics Award
The Integrity Character and Ethics Award recognizes a member of the University who best displays integrity, character and ethics. Nominations are collected from members of the University community and the University Student Judiciary then selects the award recipient. 

Pavela Prize Past Recipients

2003 - Andrew Canter
2003 - David Klein
2004 - Andrea Goodwin
2005 - John Jowers
2006 - David Ginensky
2007 - Kristan Knight
2008 - Laurie Bornt
2009 - Jessica Abramovici
2010 - Rexanah Wyse
2011 - Nicole Bohannon
2012 - Amy Royle
2013 - Linden Bernhardt
2014 - M'Shae Alderman
2015 - Emily Williams
2016 - Ian Sloane
2017 - Kristen Pellicot

Rajpat Award Past Recipients

2003 - Steven Adler
2004 - Erin Dorrien
 2005 - Rajesh Duggal
2006, 2007 - Michael Fontz 
2008 - Zain Shariff
2009 - Heather Williams
2010 - Rudi Sarna
2011 - Lauren Harrison 
2012 - Alex Witenberg
2013 - Monique Thornton
2014 - Catherine Thompson
2015 - Austin Trupp
2016 - Brian Guerinot
2017 - Erica Baum

I.C.E. Award Past Recipients

2013 - Wilny Edouard
2014 - Cody Hoblemann
2015 - Charmaine Wilson-Jones
2016 - Aaron Bricco
2017 - Emily Butler